Alecos Fassianos

Alecos Fassianos (b.1935 in Athens), where he lives and works.
He studied violin than later registers at the Fine Arts Academy in Athens (1956 to 1960). In 1962, he gets a scholarship from the French government to pursue his studies in Paris; he is particularly interested in lithography. When he goes back to Greece, he works for several local newspapers. In 1966, the artist gains his first real recognition during a New York exhibition at the Facchetti Gallery. He will definitely settles down in Paris when arises the dictatorship in 1967. Often associated to the Iolas Gallery (Paris), Fassianos sees his work in a lot of exhibitions worldwide: Athens, Hamburg, Tokyo, Milan, Munich, Paris, Stockhom, United States… His art is characterized by a subtil mix of ancient art and modernism, his way to feed our own exile with images. ” He lives in a mythical country ” writes Pierre Cabanne. Apart from painting he has worked on book illustration, graphic design, poetry and writing. He has also collaborated with the National Theatre of Greece on theatrical projects.