George Lappas

George Lappas (b.1950) lives and works in Athens. He studied Clinical Psychology at the Reed College (1970-1974), and participated in psychiatric programs at the Salem Clinics in Oregon, San Francisco and San Diego. He traveled to India with a Watson scholarship, documenting Indian sculpture and architecture (1970). He studied at the Architectural Association, London, for a year (1970) and later at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (1977-1982), where he teaches on a regular basis since 1992. His most recent solo exhibitions include: SEM Gallery, Monte Carlo (2011), Xyppas Gallery, Paris (2007), G. Lappas, Rethymno Arts Centre, Crete (2005), Sculptures, Diaspro Gallery, Nicosia (2004), Laocoon’s Escape, Bernier-Eliades Gallery, Athens (2001), Elbo, Lehmann-Maupin Gallery, New York (1988) and Bernier-Eliades Gallery, Athens (1997), Man in the Presence of George Lappas Ghosts, Tanit Gallery, Munich (1997), Luminous Works, Paolo Gentili Gallery, Florence (1997), Parafratellinalia, Port Warehouse and Yeni Tzami, Thessaloniki (1996). His most recent group shows include: Superload AMP Gallery, Athens (2010), Nord City Park, Hamburg (2008), Galerie Gmurzyaneka, Zurich (2007), Monument to Now, Dakis Ioannou’s Collection (2008), Paraskevas’ Collection, Eutaksias Building, Athens (2004), Greek Artists, Francoise Heitch Gallery, Munich (2004), Giants, de Rooij (curator), Hague (2004), Breakthrough, Madrid (2004), Outlook, Athens (2004), Conversation: The Van Abbe Museum Collection, The Factory, School of Fine Arts, Athens (2002).