Lito Kattou

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1990, Lito Kattou lives and works in Athens, Greece. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London with a MA in Sculpture and the Athens School of Fine Arts. Part of an emergent continuum of production, her works negotiate understandings of materiality and subjectivity through a composition of practices, spanning from digital fabrication to thermochemical elaborations. Articulated as weapons, skins, or cosmic elements, Kattou’s works engage with the sculptural potentiality of flatness, processes of embodiment and the transfigurations of material properties within the margins of space and time. Her practice talks about what comes before and after the body, the possibility of its presence and absence, its representation and its abstraction. Subjectivation in Kattou’s work is understood as a series of tactics for the production and the conditioning of the self and the other. The subject is presented as a wanderer, transcending identity and categorization: a composition of voices shifting equivocally between dialogue and monologue. Space, form and narrative are structured around traces left from acts of attack and defence, modes of roaming and intimate communication.